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Resume - Downloadable PDF

About Kelly Jean

I am a voice actress with a wide range of vocal versatility that can go from a small child to an old man in seconds.


My style of audio narration has been developed through more than a decade of experience in theater, comedy, improvisation, and even national tours as a clown and mime performer.

If I had a super hero power it would be the power to mimic voices, sounds, and even physical attributes of people and animals.

Born and raised in Louisiana, I turn on a Southerner's colorful charm and heartwarming quality with every performance.


I offer a fun and engaging experience to listeners of all ages.  My range goes from silly to warm - both easy to like and hard to forget.

In-home Studio Production Capabilities


Editing: Pro Tools 12.7.1 - Duet


Microphone: Rode NTI-A

Travel Microphone: Apogee Mic

Formats: mp3, wav, and other standard file outputs


Kaotica Eyeball 

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